Tuesday, November 27, 2012


One of the most common food storage mistakes, made by a large number of people, is keeping tomatoes in the refrigerator. It is wrong to assume that storing tomatoes in refrigerator keeps them fresher for longer; in actual fact, the opposite is true. Refrigeration makes them mealy after only a couple of days and gets rid of their flavor. There are far better ways of storing fresh tomatoes in order 
to keep them tasting fresh and sweet and maintain their firm texture.

If you have bought your tomatoes from the store, the first thing you need to do is remove them from their plastic packaging, as leaving them in their bags will make them rot a lot quicker. Put them in a bowl that you have lined with a paper towel. If you place the tomatoes with the stems at the top, they will stay fresh for longer. The most tender part of the fruit is directly around the stem, making this part most likely to bruise.Temperature is an important factor when storing tomatoes. Room temperature is preferable; additionally, try to maintain the same temperature for as long as possible. Keep your tomatoes away from any major heat sources, such as stove tops and microwaves. They should not be placed in direct sunlight either, unless they need to ripen. If this is the case, line them up on the window sill or place the bowl on the sill if there is enough room. Great way to ensure proper humidity for storing tomatoes is special containers with controlled ventilation and ridges to keep moisture away. Tomatoes need a little light handling to keep them in optimum health. Gently, move them around in the bowl every day. This stops them sitting in the same spot all the time, which can lead to dark spots and bruises. Bruises lead to rotting, which will ruin your tomatoes. Be careful not to drop or squeeze them while you are handling them. Tomatoes stored in the correct way should stay good for up to a week.T