Friday, October 8, 2010

Saving Money

My husband and I have quit smoking.  My house is smelling better but our van smells like a guys locker room.  Plus, we installed an antenna and cancelled Dish.  Also found out, that on the AT&T family plan, if you have the unlimited family text for $30, unlimited internet on your phone is $10.  Then found out you can connect to your phones internet on your home computer via blue tooth.  Internet thru Dish aka Wild Blue was $70 with a bandwidth limit.  So cancelled that.  By cancelling both Dish and Wild blue, we saved about $135 a month. Add in the phones @ $50 we got a total monthly savings of about $421.

Going to work on getting items at home all on a main switch for each outlet.  Anything that has a light flashing or someting with an indicator even when it is turned off is still drawing power.  Going to see what going unplugged when not in use will do to our electric bill.

~$6 per pack * 7 days = $42
$42 * 2 people = $84 weekly
$84 * 4 weeks = $336 monthly
$85 cost saving of Dish and internet + $336 saved from smoking = $421 a month