Monday, October 11, 2010


Sermon yesterday was about being set free from sin.  I thought that was interesting because I had a conversation with a friend earlier in the week about that very thing.  They said that God hated homosexuals.  God doesnt hate us, he loves us.  If He didnt love us, He would not have sent Christ.  Its the sin God hates.  Then was asked, What about pedophiles?  Same thing.  Its the sin, not the person.  God hates ALL sin.  As for sexual sin, anything outside of marriage is a sin.  Not only is it a sin, but also a sin against yourself because you are defiling your body which God made.  Another thing, God didnt set the different levels of severity to sin, man did.  Sin cannot enter into heaven.  Why do you think God forsook Christ when he was on the cross?  Because all of our sin had been laid upon Him.  He became sin, who knew no sin.  When we think God has turned his back on us, it is us that has turned our back on God through our sin.  Repent means when you change direction and go back the way you came from.  In other words, do a u-turn Many times, when we sin, we ignore the voice of God telling us it is wrong.  Like any other parent, you tell your child so many times not to do something, eventually, you are going to quit telling them and let them suffer the consequences.  Why should God our Father be any different?  Oh, and God will not tempt us.  It is our own sinful nature that does that.  God will not tempt us with evil because God is not evil.  You dont tempt your kids with wrong things, do you?  It is a fallacy to say that God is tempting you.  Remember, God loves you and will not harm you.  Think about how you relate to your own children.  After thinking about that, why would God be any different to us, His children?  You love your child but dont necessarily like what they do, right?  This is just some food for thought.  Something to think about next time you think God hates you or that you have done something so wrong that there is not a way back to God.  He is our creator yet we expect less out of Him than we do our earthly parents That is the exact opposite of the way it is.  He is so much more than our earthly parents.