Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to fold a towel animal

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How To Fold A Towel Dog  Made from one bath and one hand towel, “Fido” is quite well house trained and will give your guests a warm and fuzzy welcome. Cruise lines and B&B Motels use these to make their guest’s stay memorable.
How To fold A Towel Crab  People normally find crabs on the beach, in a crab pot, or perhaps on their dinner plate or in the local seafood shop.  Just recently crabs have made an appearance in unexpected places – like the linen closet.  Not edible perhaps, but cuter than the real thing.  Just follow these directions and you too can go crabbing in your towel cupboard.
How To Fold A Pink Elephant Towel Easily put together from one bath and one hand towel, this towel elephant is a cute addition to your bathroom and an incredible way to impress your guests! Cruise lines and “bed and breakfast” motels use these quite often. If you want to give your bathroom an original touch, have “Eddie the Towel Elephant” greet your unsuspecting guests and tickle their sense of humor.
How To Fold A Towel Into A Heart    Fold an ordinary bath towel into an attention getting heart with these instructions.  This is an art form that’s often seen on cruise ships, and in resort hotels. It entertains the guests when they walk into the room, and makes them feel pampered. Try this on your family or hotel guests and see if they get a kick out of it. This particular heart design is good for combining with other towel animals for a romantic effect.  The towel heart is especially good to leave in honeymoon suites.
How To Fold A Towel Elephant  Step by step instructions on how to fold a towel elephant like this one.
How To Fold A Swan Towel  Towel animals are often used by cruise lines and B&B Hotels to make your stay memorable. Including some in your guest bathroom is sure to impress! To fold a towel swan, follow these directions.