Friday, December 27, 2013

Paper Wicker Box

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DIY - Coffer of paper wicker
DIY is the author of the blog Isskaa Paper World Isskii. 

"I photographed each step in order that it can do kursik .. and I did ;-)" 

We begin taping the whole carton rureczkami vertical and one begins to translate rureczkami horizontal and wrap so the entire box. 
How have we made cardboard box for cover. We measure the exact length of the wall and take soft box, I've used the last page of the block to sketching. I put in three places with rubber bands to give proper shape kufrowego lid.
Then I prepared myself the sides of the lid. You have to remember to accurately measure the dimensions to fit us perfectly then into the box. Obkleiłam these tubes.
Prepared I stick to the sides of the lid is still not yet pulling elastics, because keep in shape and back in August glued sides (I did it by typing a glue to heat).
When the sides have to keep fetching rubber cup and begin to attach the vertical tube.
Then, as I wrap the box horizontal rureczkami, the fact that I was more comfortable to cut the tube to the proper length and only impose, not wrapping up and driving.
NOTE! No fees lid on the flat, so I did the first trunk, and the lid went in the basket. When later the lid will collapse, or how Nadácia him the right shape, the tube on top of you will be used to expand and it will look ugly, tubes must be interspersed in just such a position.
When you are ready lid from the inside is a little flattened, does not hold good level so to get the right shape kufrowego lid nakleiłam two beads, which perfectly fulfilled their task.
Now you need to attach the lid to the carton. I used this to strips parcianych, ideally hold, are strong, and what surprised me pleasantly, do not let you open the lid completely on the outer side, and put the lid only to the vertical.
In previous trunk did not use belts parcianych, I used ordinary ribbons and to be honest, that when you open the lid I need to hold in order not too flew me back to not pourywało ribbons. I'm afraid I'll have to fix the lid again. With this trunk holds everything perfectly and I dare say that it is because the strips parcianych (though I could be wrong).
This is the trunk already in the raw state. On the back was visible gap, so I had to cover it by taping the paper.
From the bottom of the box has a vertical tube protruding sticky so I taped them to cardboard and sticked feet.
Now for the interior kuferka.
Can be laminated crumpled paper and paint, but I like satin, glowing wnętrza.Odmierzyłam exact width and length of the wall, I cut a suitable piece of cloth and glue to heat sticked to cardboard. Remember to color page was outside the carton, because if you have a clear material, can you break and it will look ugly.
Labelled material cartons or our wall I stick to the walls of kuferka.
On the lid, we need to stick the material and to the sides of the lid as well. Unfortunately no photos done, but the interior of the lid nakleiłam usual, only measured the width but laterally cut out cardboard, cardboard tagged nakleiłam material and only the sides of the lid, namely in the same manner as all the other wall.
Remember that the material of the lid to let in a little box, and then stick the wall, as we do this we will cover this lovely place to connect the lid of the box.
Of course, time for painting and decorating, but everyone is doing it according to your tastes and ideas.