Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facebook Rant

People don't realize that Facebook can be used against them.  Anything on Facebook is in a public domain and can be used in background checks, trials, criminal investigations, etc.  Just type facebook rant in a search engine and you'll get examples.

  • A guardsman was banned from the royal wedding parade after ranting about bride-to-be Kate Middleton, Pakistanis and Jews on Facebook
  • A Connecticut woman who was fired after she posted disparaging remarks about her boss on Facebook
  • Clint McCance, a school board member in Arkansas, resigns after posting 'hateful' comments about gays on Facebook
  • A North Carolina waitress learned about the dangers of social networking the hard way when she lost her job after griping on Facebook

Life is too short to waste your time posting negativity.  Why not do something positive about your gripe?  If you have a problem with someone, go to that person and tell them how you feel.  It's possible they don't realize what they are doing. If you have a problem with your job, try a different approach. Talk to your friends face to face about your issues.  If they are a true friend, they will be honest with you and help you.

Life is full of choices.  You are where you are because of choices you have made in the past.  Only you can decide what future choices you make and how that will affect your future.