Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When spite affects the innocent.


"Comedian Jerry Seinfeld pulled out of an event benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital because Trump’s son, Eric, was hosting the event."
When adults are making a political statement, sometimes the innocent get caught in the fall out.  The plight of the kids at St Jude's far outweighs any political agenda.  An adult would put others needs above theirs. 
What does this teach the next generation?  They watch what the famous do and if no one speaks up about it, then they will think it's ok. 
I'm sure my decision to no longer watch Seinfeld will make an impact, but it matters to me.  If you can't be an adult, then you no longer have my support.
Hard to believe that Brett Micheal's was more adult about this than Jerry Seinfeld was.  I agree with what Brett had to say.  I don't approve of his lifestyle, but that wouldn't stop me form working with him on a charity.  That would be the open door/window to speak with him about other choices in life.
Ever notice how spite and bite you in the butt? You do something to someone else and it back fires?  Spite isn't worth the effort.