Friday, May 17, 2013

Chicken Coop from Pallets

 Here's our pallet coop:

A month ago my daughter and I built a small coop for our 7 chickens.
We learned from several mistakes, and got 8 new chickens -
so today my husband and I took it apart and rebuilt it bigger and better for 15 of them!
The forecast was 81 degrees and stormy today. Well, good thing we didn't hide inside. 
It was perfectly cloudy in the 70's with a breeze all day!

The old coop

While their old coop was taken apart, they found a place to hang out.

 Old coop in the background, and a stack of pallets from my awesome neighbor.

Early morning, beginning of the new coop.

Inside the new coop, little pallets for perching!

Lining the roof pallets with plastic for the weather.

Johnny is happy, check out the steps. 

The door serves two purposes
 It closes the chickens in at night hooking to the coop
It swings open, hooking to the fence in the day to close off the run.
This allows for easier cleaning and a free range exit! 

The same door, closing off the outside in the daytime, opening to the coop to the run.

My son is 8, standing up inside.

Eric putting the finishing touches on the coop/closure.

She is finished, just need to fill in some side/bottom of roof gaps and wire.

Day 3

The last step here, enclosing the coop with chicken wire.

Some different angles from around the yard.

The coop - secured with wire buried several inches in the ground.