Tuesday, May 21, 2013

tornado prep kit

What Is Needed For Your Tornado /Hurricane/ Natural Disaster Emergency Kit (Checklist) how to Create an Emergency Kit

1.Get a weather radio. I prefer the crank radios so you can use them even if you don’t have power. You may have heard from me before that you should get weather radio and I still fully stand by that as my number one advice for weather preparedness. You may not be able to access internet, have power for tv, or have cell phone reception, but you can always crank up a weather radio to find out what is going on and where.

2.Know your families plan. Do you have a certain room that you need to go to? If somehow you get separated do you know where you are going to meet up and are there any ways to communicate with each other?

72 hour emergency kit supplies should be 
This is a Check list

General safety - know your safe area, basement, closet, etc. It may sound dumb but purchasing cycle helmets with a face guard can save your life. Head trauma is the #1 reason people are killed in tornados. The face guard will also help with flying debris. Keep blankets and pillows in your safe area to cover your body and protect you from flying debris. If it's big enough, a spare mattress.

Get a very large backpack that you can carry on your shoulders. Adapt to whatever you think you might need. Keep the bag handy to where you can grab it in a moments notice. You may want a separate bag for each person. Take into consideration you need supplies for ALL members of the family and it won't all fit in one bag. If you are hit by a tornado, you can't try to lug a large tote on wheels and it will probably be blown away. The backpack stays on your body.

5 Water bottles per person in your house
2 Energy Bars per person in your house
5 bags of Dried Fruit
Pain Reliever
Flashlight + Batteries (Or a Crank Flashlight)
a medium sized pack of batteries
Glow Sticks - Don't use candles. Gas leaks could be present.
Mylar Blanket
or two small blankets
a whistle
a permanent marker
a small radio, preferably a self-powered radio
the best out there is "Eton" brand. It is self-powered and you can get it at Wal-Mart or Radio Shack. It has a weather broadcast, flashlight built in, emergency siren, alert light and it will also recharge your cell phone battery. Otherwise: Get a crank radio or battery radio with lots of extra batteries. 
a plastic bag
a hand-powered can opener
Canned food 
a few small plastic dishes and silverware
a cell phone
Duct Tape <- Trust me Duct Tape can save your life !!!! 
a first aid kit
money (preferably small bills)
Book/ Reading material a Map is a great idea
a car charger for your cell phone
Extra shoes and socks in case you don't have time to put yours on. 
a spare set of keys to your vehicle and home
an extra change on clothes for each person
anything you may need for pets food, medicine
anything you may need for children medicine teddy bear

put this in a large bin in your house where you can easily Grab it and Go in an emergency

During tornado season: (remember they can happen in the middle of the night with no warning or you don't hear the warning until the tornado is on you!)

First Aid Kit This is the basics what you need 

1. Antibiotic Ointment 
2. Antibacterial soap 
3. Burn ointment 
4. Adhesive bandages of all sizes 
5. Medical tape 
6. Gauze pads and large surgical pads (bleeding may be an issue) 
7. Tweezers 
8. Scissors 
9. Thermometer 
10. Eye wash/sterile saline 
11. Moist towelettes 
12. Over the counter: Aleve/Advil/Benadryl 
13. Several pairs of gloves 
14. Household chlorine bleach and an eye dropper - dilute nine parts water to one part bleach it becomes an antiseptic/disinfectant. To decontaminate drinking water - 12 drops per one gallon of water. No fancy colored bleaches or other chemicals! Just regular bleach.
This all may sound silly but you may be without help for an extended period and possibly injured.