Friday, May 24, 2013

Wax Melts for Scentsy burners:

  • - Scrounge up all your empty scentsy wax packaging (you'll need approximately 11-12)
    Buy 2 large candles
    - Melt the candles one by one in a double boiler over medium heat. This will take
    a while so be patient.
    ... - Once candle is melted, using oven mi
    tts, carefully remove glass from the boiler and pour melted wax into molds.
    - Let cool completely. Use in your wax burner for a fresh new scent in your home.

    * If you spend $20 on 2 large candles, your cost break down per wax package is $1.66
  • Wax Melts #2
    Use tea lights and break them up to fi
    t your wax burner

    Wax Melts #3
    Follow the directions to make soy candles but instead of pouring wax into glass jars for candles, pour into wax melts molds.