Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bacon Bomb Explosion - whatever


Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 2 hours


2 pounds thick-cut bacon 
2 pounds of Italian sausage 
1 tri-pack of Prosciutto/Capicola Ham, Salami, Pepperoni
(normally found right next to the deli counter)
8 oz package of Velveeta cheese 
1 bottle of your favorite barbeque sauce 
2-4 tablespoons of your favorite barbeque rub
Step 1:
Lay out a piece of foil or plastic wrap. Create the outer layer of the bacon weave by laying 7-8 strips of bacon side by side horizontally. Then to start the vertical layer weave 1 piece in front and then in back of each piece you have layed out. Then alternate the next piece in back where the previous piece went in front. Continue this until you've made a large, mostly square, weave of bacon for the outermost part. (hint: try to keep the strips as close/tight as possible)

Now is a good time to start the other bacon. Cut up the bacon from the other package into 1-1½ inch pieces and start cooking the bacon in a frying pan while you you do the next steps - cook it how you normally like to eat it.

Step 2:
Generously sprinkle your favorite rub over the bacon. For this recipe I would recommend a memphis-style rub with some savory seasonings like rosemary, bay leaves and a good garlic flavor.

Next get another piece of foil or plastic wrap. This will help getting the right thickness without messing up your fine work so far.

How's that bacon doing in the frying pan? Is it done yet?

Now may also be a good time to start your smoker if yours takes long to warm up. If you want to use your gas grill read about smoker boxes.

Step 3:
Spread out your Italian sausage onto your new piece of foil and try to make it 1 inch smaller width-wise so you can seal it all up when you're done. Press it out evenly an then place it on top of your bacon weave.

Mephis Jacks BBQ SauceSprinkle a little more rub on top of the sausage for a little more flavoring on the inside. Then take your barbecue sauce and brush it across the sausage like you would a rack of ribs - just enough to evenly coat it. I usually use Memphis Jacks for the BBQ sauce. Its just tangy enough and everyone likes the flavor.

Step 4:
Next place a row of each one of your tri-pack of meats across your masterpiece. Then take your cooked bacon and spread it over the other layers. If you're going to snack do it BEFORE the cooked bacon touches the rest - at this point you may not be thinking rationally - your tastebuds will be working in overdrive!

My favorite addition here is the cheese. Don't skip it! It will melt throughout the layers and create an explosion of flavor in the Bacon Explosion! Make 1 length-wise spread with the cheese and then randomly use up as much of the package as you'd like.

Step 5:
Have you ever watched a sushi chef? Well, lift up the edge of the tinfoil near the jackpot of cheese and start rolling the meat into one GIANT sushi pork roll. Just before the tinfoil starts to get rolled in direct it the other way so you can keep rolling it up into a log shape.

When you finish, tuck the edges of the bacon in on the ends. Prepare your grill for smoking at 225°F and smoke the bacon creation approximately 1 hour for each inch of bacon-ny thickness until your meat thermometer registers an temperature of 165°F at the center-most part. A mix of oak and hickory work best, but Pecan is another favorite BBQ wood for barbecuing Bacon Explosions.

Just before pulling the roll off the smoker I like to glaze the sauce on for 3-5 minutes just as you would ribs. Use a basting brush and cover the entire surface with a thin layer of sauce. Now you're ready to dig in!! If you take some wooden skewers and run them through ever inch or so you can easily slice individual servings without it falling apart. I love my Bacon Explosion topped with baked beans. Be sure to tell me how you like yours!