Monday, September 2, 2013

Beyond A Garden: How To Make Lavender Extract

Beyond A Garden: How To Make Lavender Extract: "How To Make Lavender Extract

How To Make Lavender Extract

In years past I made cookies from recipes that had lavender flowers in them or used lavender infused sugar on top. This year I decided to make an extract from the lavender flowers in my garden and use some to make cookies. The lavender extract was made from pesticide free, freshly picked lavender heads.
(Use lavender flowers that are good for culinary use.)
  • Pour 2 cups of 100 proof vodka into the jar of flowers.
  • Cut 100 flower heads and put into a sterile jar.
  • Twist the lid on, shake, and place out of direct sunlight.
To prevent the jar from leaking at the opening when you shake, a piece of plastic wrap can be put inside the lid before you close it.
  Shake once a day for eight days.
Strain through a sieve lined with a coffee filter.
 Strain a few more times with the coffee filter.
 The liquid will be a dark brown. Bottle it in sterilized glass containers.
Makes approximately 1 cup of lavender extract.
If your lavender is dried try using 50 lavender flower heads instead of 100. 

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