Friday, September 6, 2013

How And What You Can Plant For A Fantastic Fall Food Garden

Did you miss spring and summer planting? Luckily, you can have a great fall garden if you plant now (Late Summer) . You will be surprised what you can grow for a great fall bumper crop. There are things that you need to do to your garden before you can plant the fall garden, this is very important.
Clean your garden - When I say clean, I mean remove ALL plants and old vegetables from your summer garden, even old mulch,  you want it looking spanking new when you plant. You need to do the same thing to raised beds if you are going to be using them too.
Loosen and prepare the soil – This is probably really obvious to you old time gardeners, but its missed a lot of the time. A garden fork or flat shovel works best for this. You need to go down about 7 – 8 inches and twist and turn the soil. (be sure to break the big clumps of soil up) Do this for the entire length and width of the garden or beds you will be using. I know people who loosen their soil 2 or three times to ensure its loose. So use your own judgment to tell if its loose enough. Now you need to prepare your soil, there are obviously loads of products to prepare your soil, but I like natural, so compost or manure is the best. Add 2 to 4 inches of compost or manure on top of the loosened soil and then using your fork or spade, turn all the soil so its mixed thoroughly. Depending on how much compost etc. you have repeat the process. The more compost you have the better the soil will be.
What crops are good for a fall garden - 
Green Beans
Chinese Cabbage
Summer Squash
There are other vegetables you can plant if you had a green house or cold frame boxes, etc., but the above list will see you through the fall and any extra vegetables remember to can or store for that “just in case moment”
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