Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY Herbal Deodorant Spray for feet & shoes

Home Remedies for Foot Odor :: A DIY Deodorant Spray for Stinky Feet and Shoes
Stinky feet.
Do you suffer from foot odor?
How severe is it?
Maybe it’s just me…no, it’s not that bad…clear a room horrible?
Bromhidrosis — the fancy term for malodorous feet – has its roots in a combination of bacteria, fungus, and/or sweat.
Environments such as:
  • moist and warm feet
  • synthetic socks
  • dead skin
  • shoes
…provide the perfect breeding grounds for the culprits of foot odor to take hold and multiply.
However, if you have foot odor, your worries are over!
I want to share with you several home remedies — and a recipe for an Herbal Foot Deodorant Spray – that can help rid your feet of stink…forever!
Home Remedies for Foot Odor
-Wash your feet at least twice daily. And for best results, use this Pumice Stone Soap to remove dead skin. Note: Here’s the recipe for my Pumice Stone Soap if you’d like to make your own.
-Wear shoes and socks made from natural materials — not synthetics — they just breathe better.
-Wear sandals or go barefoot whenever possible.
-Never wear the same socks two days in a row. And wash them as soon as possible after wearing. Note: Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the wash. I get my tea tree oil here.
-Wash your gym shoes, hiking boots, and/or sneakers if possible…allowing them to air-dry outdoors in the sun if possible.
-Take steps to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Stress and anxiety can lead to an over-production of the body’s sweat glands. More moisture = More odor-causing agents = More stink. Note: Click this link to learn more about Adaptogenic Herbs for all-natural stress relief.
DIY Herbal Foot Deodorant Spray
  1. Measure one (1) cup of organic witch hazel extract and to it add organic menthol crystals.
  2. Stir briskly until crystals have dissolved.
  3. Add to mixture your choice of hydrosols (flower water). Money Saving Tip: Instead of using hydrosols you may substitute a strong herbal tea infusion using water and peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and/or thyme leaves.
  4. Pour into a mister bottle or spray bottle of some sort.
  5. Add organic thyme extract and essential oils of ravensara aromaticaNote: I purchase Ravensara here.
  6. Label bottle with name, contents, and date created. Note: Deodorant spray will keep on the counter for 2-3 years.
To Use
Shake well before use. Spray to the feet at least 2 times daily, rub it in. Spray it into your shoes, as needed. Additionally, this is a great deodorant spray to use before and after a workout! Can be applied to most yoga mats as well. Note: Since I mentioned it…check outBean Products – they have AWESOME Earth Friendly products for yoga and meditation. All Made in USA!
Additional Tips
-Stinky feet are often a result of a fungal infection (a.k.a. Athlete’s Foot). Treat Athlete’s Foot with these all-natural recipes and tips: