Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No Sew Halloween Spiderweb Cape


With October just around the corner, I'm sharing a Halloween costume tutorial today for

It's really easy and completely no-sew!

It's versatile too. I've made it into a witch accessory, but you could totally just be a spider web for Halloween and put a huge plastic spider on your back.

All you need is:

fleece fabric - about 1 yard for a small child, 1 1/2-2 yards for an adult
tailor's chalk or sidewalk chalk
1 yard of ribbon
sharp fabric scissors
ruler or measuring tape

*First, I want to explain why using sidewalk chalk is so great. Regular chalkboard chalk is sometimes hard to draw with on fabric, especially fleece. Sidewalk chalk that has gotten wet and then dried again, is softer and easier to work with on this project. 

Tip 1: To ensure you have enough fabric for your cape, you might want to measure how long you want the cape to be before heading to the fabric store. You do this by placing the measuring tape at the back of your neck and letting it hang down your back. Most fleece comes about 55-60 inches wide. If you want to keep this a no-sew project, keep in mind that it needs to be no longer or wider than the width the fleece comes in.

Tip 2: Measuring tape can act as a great over sized protractor when you are marking out your quarter circle. Be sure that the tip of the tape stays at the corner and that you mark the same length all the way across to get the proper arc.

 Tip 3: As a general rule, a small child's neckline radius is about 2 inches and an adult's is about 3 inches.
Tip 4: If you are worried about the chalk outlines, don't fret. The sidewalk chalk rubs out very easily. If you have some stubborn spots, rub them out with a damp rag or sponge.

And that's all there is to it!

The fleece adds a little bit of warmth and there is no worry about fraying.
I didn't plan on making matching costumes for my daughter and me. In fact, it is pretty uncharacteristic of me to do something like that.
But...somehow it just happened. :) I made a cape for her and decided I just had to have one too!
I dressed up for pictures, but I will likely wear jeans, a sweater and this cape and be a spider web for Halloween. I am pretty low key when it comes to my own Halloween attire. 

Although, I have to admit, it is pretty fun to flap around the house in this cape and hat and say, "I'll get you my pretties!" while I cackle at my children. Halloween is so awesome like that. It brings out the suppressed thespian in almost everyone. 

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P.S. My daughter's witch dress was made using Look 4 from the Five & Ten Designs Volume One e-book. I'll share more about that and our witch hats soon.